Essay: Goal of Group Therapy

Fourth, group counseling may limit participation of an individual in an active and interactive way. During a group therapy, individuals contribute towards an overall goal of ensuring a successful process.

An ethical principle of group therapy is that all individuals ought to participate meaningfully throughout the session not withstanding their feelings and psychological status hitherto. In turn, this may result to involuntary participation and may limit the quantity and quality of information disclosed by clients – detrimental to the entire group therapy’s success and counselor’s ability to adopt the right strategy. According to Flory & Emanuel (2004), despite it being a prerogative of a counselor to understand the willingness of an individual to participate in both individual and group therapies, counselors overlook the effect of involuntary participation. Owing to the number of the group members in a specific group, some clients may fail to get ample time to express themselves as the rest of the group members contribute equally within a given a specific timeline. With so much information to consume, a client may as well be unable to process it all prolonging the healing process.

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