Essay: Foreign policies of president Obama and its impact on US

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This paper is about the foreign policies of president Obama and its impact on US. There are two ways of predicting president’s foreign policies. Firstly, by looking at the person’s biography and secondly, by looking at the world. The second option is more helpful because by knowing the world he inherits gives the clear picture of his thinking (Peter Beinart, 2009).

The strong relationship between US and Israel and Israel lobby are very vital in formulating the foreign policies of US. American politicians admire the political ability of Israeli power because this lobby is alliance of organizations and individuals that drives the foreign policies of US in the favor of pro-Israel direction. It is not a unified movement instead it is a powerful group comprising both Jews and gentiles. The main purpose of this group is to make policies that benefit the Jewish states.  That’s why they don’t like the involvement of American politicians in making foreign policies. Israel has become a very wealthy country. This is because US provides much higher foreign aid to Israel than any other country (Mearsheimer and Walt, 2007)

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