Essay: Establishment of Personal Relationship with the Client

A client may also opt for an individual counseling owing to the unique needs of their trauma. Individual counselors offer individualized and specialized services to client in a context where they are able to establish a personal relationship with a client. Contrary to group therapy, counselors are able to analyze and gather the required data regarding a specific client in an individual counseling.

According to Corey & Corey (2006), the more information a counselor is able to gather, the more they are able to adopt the right approach during the counseling process. Groups require immense amounts of time and other resources to gather and analyze enough information of a specific client.  Additionally, group therapies require commitment from all group members. In instances where group members fail to show commitment, the group therapy is rarely successful. In individualized counseling, the process is not dependent on a third party and makes the counseling process effective.

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