Essay: Enki in Atrahasis

The gods are kind, and take care of human beings. For instance, Enki in Atrahasis prevented the end of the human race on numerous occasions when they had been marked for annihilation. He gave word to Atrahasis to build the boat so that at the very least, a small number of humans could be saved. In Gilgamesh, the ‘good’ god role is depicted by Shamhat, who watches over Gilgamesh and Enkidu and helps them out in numerous occasions.

He removes Enkidu from the wild, feeds and clothes him, and it is under his providence that Enkidu meets Gilgamesh who ends up as his brother. Additionally, when the two warriors set out to fight Humbaba the giant, Shamhat gives them control of the elements which makes it easier for them to slay the giant. When the verdict for Enkidu’s death is out, Shamhat tries to oppose the ruling set out by the gods. However, he is unsuccessful.

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