Essay: The Dietary Habits of Kayapo People

The dietary habits of the Kayapo people are also attributable to high diabetes and other health complications rates among the population. The entire population depends mainly on the root tubers and fishing as the primary source of diet (Mahanti and Singh, 1997, p. 199). The root tubers are plenty and possess a lot of starch that could lead to Diabetes mellitus. Efforts to compliment these foods with meat are usually frustrated since the fishing river has immensely been polluted by the gold miners endangering the fish population.

Further, government’s initiative to construct dams along the river has had tremendous negative impacts on the fishing activities of the aboriginal people of the Amazon (Mahanti and Singh, 1997, p. 156). Besides diabetes, the contamination of the river with mercury from the gold miners and constant logging has made agriculture an almost impossible venture due to soil infertility. Initially, as Posey and Plenderleith say, the kayapo population was able to grow nutritious food crops but they have as a result of massive logging and gold miners (2002, p.34).

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