Essay: The use of deductive concepts

Logical concepts can be applied in written and spoken passages; these written reports are found in school or the workplace. A student can use deductive reasoning to argue out their points and come up with a sound and valid paper. At the same time a worker can write a report on the activities and projects at work, and use deductive reasoning to support their recommendations and conclusions at the end of the report. On the other hand written reports can be presented to their fellow team members in a seminar or conference, and this forum a deductive reasoning and valid premises can be used to give a convincing presentation.

At the same time the use of deductive concepts can be applied in marketing, a sales person can use deductive logic to convince a client to purchase certain products or services. Logical concepts on the other hand can be applied in a family situation, parents can use as a discipline tool on their children. Furthermore by using good reasoning a parent can convince a child to drop a bad behavior to avoid certain consequences based on the conclusions made after the premises they make.

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