Essay: Deadly shootout by a BART Officer

This paper incorporates and presents an analysis of the case study, where A Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police Officer shot an unarmed man, interwoven into a strong ethical and moral dilemma. The basic values and ethical codes underlying this particular case are identified. Further the main characters of the even are analyzed and the dilemma they and their agency is facing has been discussed. The moral or ethical dilemmas presented each are further resolved under the two ethical theories- Utilitarian and Deontology.

The case under discussion is one of those incidents, the likes of which we have encountered many times in our society before, relating to law enforcement bodies and criminal justice authorities. It is a tragic incident involving deadly shootout by a BART Officer Johannes Mehserle, of a defenseless citizen Oscar Grant in Oakland, California. Many ethical and moral dilemmas rose after this incident that gave decision makers a tough time. All over United States protests and rallies were carried out both in favor of Oscar Grant and Johannes Mehserle. Complete facts given, issues underlined, case analyzed by applying the ethical theories and possible solution of the dilemma is rounded up and presented in the next few pages.

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