Essay: The creative thinking process

The creative thinking process used the morphological analysis, Russian Triz, reverse brainstorming and the creative thinking green hat. The most ideas came from the reverse brainstorming questions.

This approach proved to be useful in the stimulation in the creation of ideas about he character and her profile. It also gave insight in the development of the plot surrounding her life and that of the supporting characters. I would spend more time on reverse brainstorming and green hat thinking tools while dropping the Triz and morphological tools. Te ability of the green ha thinking tool to provoke the mind and thinking process will help further the ideas realized through the reversed brainstorming approach. On a more critical manner the character created will have the desired effect on the audience. The project however is feasible and effective. However due to the group’s lack of knowledge to create cartoon characters and story line, therefore outside help will be required to finish the project.

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