Essay: The Courtly Praise Group

The courtly praise women dancers devote themselves and dedicate their efforts to praising the virtues of a sultan or emir. The most renowned courtly praise group is the Nigerian all women band known as Narambad. Kettle drums, trumpets, symphonies and Djembe accompany Narambad’s praise and worship songs. Similarly, young Hausa girls perform an annual Islamic dance dubbed Asauwara before ushering in the holy month of Ramadan. Besides the Asauwara, the girls who are about to get married do the bòòríí trance cult.

Beverly (19) further highlights popular Hausa women musical performers. Muhaman Shata is a female singer on lead vocals and guitar for her indigenous band, Mosinee. Shata is accompanied by a flock drummers, whistlers, bass players and traditional folk dancers. Séances Madoka, Fatuma Muhammad and Amani are other prominent Hausa female musical icons as stipulated in Beverly’s discourse.

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