Essay: Case management

According to Rossi (2003), this is the linking factor of the process, outcomes and most importantly the structure in managed care. It is a technique in the managed care plan, which is involved in Coordination of services to help meet a patient’s healthcare needs, more so in a situation whereby ┬áthe patient has a condition which requires multiple services from multiple providers. As such, it involves a team of medical professionals, with different knowledge and skills which when used together can result to a successful treatment, which would have otherwise not been attained by only one specialist.

The main goal behind case management is to ensure that everybody involved, that is, the clients being served; their support systems; the health care delivery systems; and the various payer sources benefits. Consequently, considering the fact that, the well being of the client is the first priority, the technique ends up being outcomes driven rather than process driven. However, even in presence of case management, most health care organizations are still looking for measures that can help them get the best outcomes as evidenced by the high mortality rates of patients.

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