Essay: Caregiving in the Future

There are so many studies that have been done in this subject of social support and caregiving because the reality of the challenges that senior citizens face is here with us. The ageing population e.g. in countries such as Canada has sparked the desire for such studies. The truth of the matter is that so far, it has been established that there is a direct association between the provision of social support and quality caregiving services and the health and wellbeing of our senior citizens. However, it is important to note that this subject has not been explored to the extent of exhausting it. More needs to be done so that better planning, for how these services can be availed to the elderly whose lives are in our hands, is done.

Also, better methods for measuring social support and caregiving as variables need to be identified. This way, the inferences deduced from the various studies done will be more reliable for use in planning.

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