Essay: Capital punishments

The debate on capital punishment never bears any answers. Though many argue against the death sentence, others feel that in some cases, it is the only practical option. Religion might argue otherwise and though it is not my intention to demean their point of view, we have religious lawmakers who are active advocates of the death sentence raising questions on the validity and applicability of belief in contrast to reality.

Organ donation is a little different since it is widely viewed as a humanitarian act and many openly welcome it unless it is done against the donor’s will. There are two common cases where organ donation takes place. The most common being when the donor is alive and willingly donates an organ to a patient or a person who accents to donating his/her organs when they pass away. In both cases, it is viewed as an act of kindness and compassion. However, there have been isolated cases of organ theft and donation against the owner’s will but in most cases, it is treated as a criminal offence and does not necessarily collide with the issue of life sanctity.

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