Essay: The basic concepts of logic

The basic concepts of logic are the use of premises and concepts they are deduction, induction and abduction. Deduction is logic based on the face value of a premise taking a step by step approach from the premise to the conclusion.

On the other hand induction is logic made based on a hypotheses and jumps to a conclusion, while abduction allows for a revision of beliefs Etchemendy (1999). Logic based on a deductive inference is based on empirical evidence; this is a mental logic theory which uses a three step problem. In that each step uses an inference schema. For example the following premises; all employees are male or female, the qualified employees work in the office, the un qualified employees work on the grounds, the grounds employees are male, are female employees qualified? Deductive logic asks the questions “what follows?” and “to argue for” the conclusions made form this are based on semantics distinction and applied inference rules. Logical reflections should be based on formal systems and mental representations Etchemendy (1999).

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