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An essay paper comprises of multiple chapters and sections. Each chapter carries a different set of information and the writer needs to be experienced enough to meet this requirement.


A dissertation paper is a detailed academic assignment that needs to be submitted at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


A thesis paper is a comprehensive assignment and it has few key chapters. Two of the main chapters of the thesis paper are the literature review and research methodology.

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Essay: Prevention of kidney stones

Sample Essay

It is important to note that the persons who have had kidney stones before are more likely to form others in the future and therefore prevention is important. The doctor will work with patient information to help determine their cause through lab tests, which include blood and urine analysis. The medical history of the patient is also important and the eating habits. This is because certain foods have been found to have high contents of calcium, oxalate and phosphate compounds, which are passed in the urine in excess. Changing in lifestyle for susceptible people is the most important step towards kidney stones prevention. Drinking more liquids, especially water is the first step towards a kidney stone free generation. One should at least drink enough water throughout the day to produce two quarts of urine in a day. This will lead to removal of excess salts through urination and therefore prevention of crystallization of solids, which eventually turn in to kidney stones.

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Essay: Significance of Employee Motivation

Sample Essay

Employee motivation is a topic that has been debated for ages since it is not clear to the managers or employers. Many managers are left in the dark when it comes to deciding on the best method to apply and make their employees feel motivated. There are firms, which have been closed due to the failure of the managers to know what is best for their employees and what ought to be done.

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Essay: Side Effects of Genetically Modified Organisms

Sample Essay

Though there are numerous advantages of GMOs, is imperative to note that there are also side effects. GMOs are known to cause harm to unintended organisms such as butterflies and bees. For example, “monarch butterfly caterpillars do not consume corn but they feed on milkweed”. (Free news service on Ag-Biotech, GMOs, & Food Security in Africa. 2009 available online) When pollen from GM corn is blown to milkweed on neighboring farms the caterpillars consume it and end up dying. (Whitman 2000 available online)

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