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An essay paper comprises of multiple chapters and sections. Each chapter carries a different set of information and the writer needs to be experienced enough to meet this requirement.


A dissertation paper is a detailed academic assignment that needs to be submitted at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


A thesis paper is a comprehensive assignment and it has few key chapters. Two of the main chapters of the thesis paper are the literature review and research methodology.

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Essay: How to Control Cyberbullying

Sample Essay

The government need to put in place rules and regulation that can be employed to control these vices. The government need to monitor and control the ISP and IM in order to crackdown the perpetrators of cyberbullying and book them. Harsh sentences need to be implemented the perpetrators while the victim needs to be compensated and counselled. In cases where a victim commits suicide, the perpetrator of such acts needs to face a death penalty or life imprisonment depending with existing legal framework in a country (Willard, 2007, pp. 89-100).

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Essay: How Successful is the Lean Manufacturing Process

Sample Essay

It is not easy for the lean manufacturing process to succeed since the employees are not involved in the process and if they are, it is at a very late stage. It is assumed that lean programs are very expensive and this makes the management reluctant in purchasing them. Further, the management is not able to connect all the processes involved in running of the business. The management is focusing on pressuring the lower level managers to produce good results but do not bother improving the strategies that are used to achieve the results. The management in most of the times is rules by a judgmental and blaming culture without putting the blame on itself but on others.

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