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An essay paper comprises of multiple chapters and sections. Each chapter carries a different set of information and the writer needs to be experienced enough to meet this requirement.


A dissertation paper is a detailed academic assignment that needs to be submitted at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


A thesis paper is a comprehensive assignment and it has few key chapters. Two of the main chapters of the thesis paper are the literature review and research methodology.

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Essay: Interpreting Hamlet

Sample Essay

Accidentally, Hamlet manages to win over Laertes in their first round and in celebration, Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, drinks the poisoned drink dying instantly. Laertes is affected by this Gertrude’s death and even though he manages to stab Hamlet with the poisoned sword, he is stabbed seriously. Before bleeding to death, Laertes explains to Hamlet the plan of Claudius and how he has caused Gertrude’s death by poisoning the drink. Hamlet is very bitter and is not ready to wait for any other opportunity to kill Claudius and thus he stabs him with the poisoned sword and forces him to drink the remaining part of the poisoned drink (Leavenworth 92). Before Hamlet dies, he orders Horatio to explain to the crowd what happened and give the kingship to Fortinbras.

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Essay: Is Stem Cell Research Moral

Sample Essay

On the contrary, the cells from Embryonic Stem Cell research belong to the bodies of embryos and thus they most of the times form tumors or are even rejected by the recipient as foreign tissues. This implies that the embryo’s life can be terminated in efforts of saving the life of a grown up and even end up causing more problems than before. It should be noted that the cell comes from an embryo whose boy is growing rapidly and thus it is not easy for these cells to match with the cells of an adult who is growing very slowly (Andrews et al 1528). The setting of the origins of these two sets of cells is very diverse.

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Essay: Macroeconomic Factors related to Recession

Sample Essay

With the recession experienced worldwide, the U.S has not been an exception. The high recession has led to high unemployment rate implying that more and more people are loosing their jobs. This eventually implies that the disposable income per head is getting lower and lower meaning that the shopping styles will change. National income of a country determines the spending levels of that country. With low national income, spending decreases and this further decreases the sales of the country in consideration.

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